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Running therapy for students of the University of Twente

Every Wednesday from 7.45 tilll +-8.45 students of the University of Twente can participate in Running therapy, starting from Topvorm Twente at the UT track.

It is suitable for anyone who wants to actively work towards improving their mental health. We understand that exercising can sometimes be a challenge, but it can actually contribute to your well-being for the rest of the day. By running or walking, you can recharge yourself. The sessions are suitable for people with anxiety, depression, and/or stress-related symptoms. It can be challenging to overcome mental fatigue with exercise, especially if you already feel tired. That is why starting to move when you notice mental or stress symptoms and when your head is full is crucial. During the sessions, we will practice building a exercise routine and relaxation moments through movement in your week. Changing patterns is not easy and may require time and perseverance, which is why it’s nice to do this together in a group. During the sessions, we will also focus on learning to recognize non-verbal communication signals from the body and adjusting accordingly. 

It is important that Running Therapy provides a safe environment. You don’t necessarily have to express anything, but there is room to do so if you wish. After the 8 sessions, there is an opportunity to continue with Running Therapy in a group at the same time, under the guidance of Erik Kemp. 

Please note that the sessions take place outdoors, rain or shine, to ensure continuity. We therefore recommend wearing sports clothing and walking or running shoes that you can move comfortably in. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 

Our physical therapists and locations

All running therapy sessions will take place at our location Sportscentre University of Twente starts at the UT track.

On our teampage you will find an overview of all our colleagues including additional information in regards to their specialization.

Costs and coverage

For students of the University of Twente there are no costs for the running therapy, the University covered them fully in advance. To sign up for the running therapy sessions, please contact us via email or phone on or 053-7676020.


Feel free to contact us in case you have addional questions. Preferably via renee@topvormtwente or 053-7676020.





Running Therapie in Enschede

All running therapy sessions will take place at our location Sportscentre University of Twente.

Running Therapy for employees University of Twente




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