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  • We ask you to please read about our prices and what your health insurance covers.
  • If you want to find out how much your health insurance pays, you can see the details here.
  • The following rates apply to treatments that are not covered by your health insurance.
  • Physical therapy, podiatry examinations, and haptotherapy services are tax-free. All other services include taxes.
  • The practice has signed contracts with all health insurance companies for physiotherapy services.
  • The reimbursement for podiatry varies depending on your health insurance provider and plan. Your insurer may cover the insoles but not the examination. We recommend you to check your health insurance’s reimbursement options. You can find an overview here. Please note that IZA only covers the cost of orthotic insoles for registered podiatrists and does not cover the consultation and examination
  • Haptotherapy is often partially covered by supplementary insurance. You can find an overview here.
  • All physiotherapists are registered with the BIG (Individual Healthcare Professions) registry and are members of the Keurmerk Fysiotherapie.
  • All podiatrists are registered in the Loop registry.
AGB-code Physiotherapy:04-(0)23426
AGB-code Podiatry:90091832
Prices by:01-01-2024
1864 Screening, intake en physical examination € 68,50
1870 Intake en physical examination after referral** € 52,40
1000 Physiotherapy session € 43,00
1000 E-consult € 43,00
1200 Session manuel therapy € 52,10
1316 Group physiotherapy session 2 persons € 43,00
1400 Single physiotherapy examination € 69,20
1700 Long session for patients with complex and/or multiple care needs € 52,10
..01 Surcharge for outpatient treatment/ home treatment € 14,45
..02 Furnishing allowance € 7,45
1755 Geriatric physiotherapy session € 52,10
1900 Simple, short reports for the benefit of medical advisers € 50,00
1901 More complicated, time-consuming reports for the benefit of medical advisers € 95,00
1920 Telephone session € 16,80
1960 Failed appointment 70% of physiotherapy session rate € 30,10***
Podiatric examination/advice € 100,00
Podiatric consultation € 45,00
Therapeutic insoles € 140,00
Therapeutic sports insoles € 130,00
Worksboot insoles € 190,00
Adjusting insoles € 40,00
New deck € 30,00
Dispatch of soles € 10,00
Failed appointment Podiatric examination/advice € 70,00
Failed appointment podiatry consultation € 31,50
Lifestyle coaching
Intake lifestyle coaching 90 min € 127,05
Single consultation 60 min € 102,85
5 consultations as a package, 60 min per consultation € 462,80
10 consultations as a package, 60 min per consultation € 925,65
Running therapy € Costs on request****
Haptotherapy / Haptonomic coaching
Haptotherapy € 95,00
Haptonomic coaching € 95,00 (excl. VAT)

* According to the billing procedure, you need to pay the invoice yourself first. Afterward, you can submit the invoice to your health insurance company for reimbursement. Conform de procedure van facturering, dient u de factuur eerst zelf te voldoen. Vervolgens declareert u de factuur zelf bij uw zorgverzekeraar.

** For your initial appointment or a new issue, we aim to schedule a screening, intake, and physical examination along with a treatment session. This is billed as two sessions, indicated on the rate list and invoice as code 1864 or 1870, with code 1000 (physical therapy) or 1200 (manual therapy). This approach ensures there is sufficient time and attention for your concern. If you explicitly state that you only want a screening, intake, and physical examination, we will schedule a single session without a follow-up treatment session. Please note that a screening, intake and physical examination does not include treatment.

*** If you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, a fee will be charged, which is 70% of the applicable consultation fee. A missed appointment fee cannot be billed to your health insurance company. This is a legal measure that allows healthcare providers to charge a treatment fee for missed appointments.

**** Please contact us regarding costs, as they depend on the referral and treatment plan.

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